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A world of colour and acceptance

This term we have combined the introduction of our feelings board, the school value of 'Inclusion' and colour into a topic.  We began by talking about everyone being different, although many of us may be similar in some ways.  We then talked about inclusion, using Elmer as a key text.  We talked a lot about how colour makes us feel and compared that to the colours on our feelings board.  Many children said red was their favourite colour, but recognised that red means 'angry' on our board.  Red is also a very lucky colour in China and was quite prominent when we celebrated Chinese New Year.  We learned that we all have lots of feelings and that it's good to talk about them or show how they feel on our feelings board.  We went on to use 'Our many colour days' by Dr Seuss and made our own colourful version for a display.


Our journey ultimately led us to talk about rainbows.  We talked about rainbows being a burst of colour when the white sunlight is broken by raindrops falling from the sky.  We painted rainbows but with a challenge:  the children were only given red, yellow and blue paint, with a dash of white, and then had to mix paint to create the remaining colours.  The children then went on to be 'Rainbow detectives' using prisms to discover rainbows against the light.  We also looked at bubble liquid which looked clear but when blown, the bubbles became a sort of rainbow!


We have had great fun exploring colour and continue to talk about the wonders of difference, promoting inclusion and acceptance.  Take a look at our vibrant gallery!