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Adventure as a mysterious egg arrives in Dragonfly

The arrival a mysterious egg sparked the spirit of adventure in Dragonfly after half term, coincidentally coinciding with the new school value of 'Adventure'.  


Children speculated as to what or who they thought the egg belonged to and what might be inside.  We met new Supersquad member, 'Questioning Quentin' and used him to think of questions we would like to answer about our strange arrival.  


Falcon joined us as we went outside to find clues around the trim trail which was where the egg was found.  The children found feathers, piles of mud which they thought was pooh, they found a deep hole which they thought could have been left from a foot print.  My favourite was the end part of a branch which was slightly curved.  It had what looked like bumps  on it.  The children assumed it was a claw.  Their imaginations were fabulously brilliant!  The children went on tp design pictures of what they imagined the creature might look like, using paint, pencils, glitter and felt tips.


The following day, the creature must have returned because we found some of our animals had been frozen in ice.  We urgently had to come up with ways to save them.  Children had some great ideas, for example putting them under warm water, leaving them in the sun.  We decided smashing them with a hammer could be dangerous for ourselves as well as the animals!  We talked about using the radiator in the cloakroom and then using cold water.  Surprisingly, the cold water melted the ice before the ice left in a bowl was melted by the radiator. 


The mystery continues as children remain fascinated.  We continue to follow their lead as to where this adventure will take us next.  Take a look at the gallery to see our journey so far.