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Bradwell 2019

Tuesday 25th June 2019

A good night's sleep was enjoyed by everyone, and a hearty breakfast has been eaten. They are all ready to dive into the fantastic activities that are planned for today.

A beautiful morning at Bradwell.

Everyone arrived safely at Bradwell and then had the joy of a manic bed making session (all beds were made). This was followed by a much needed lunch and afternoon of fun activities. Children are all happy as are the teachers 😊


Pictures will follow...



Monday Group Shot :)

Group Activities for the week



All groups took part in Bradwell Olympics



Mrs Bowen’s Group  - Canoeing

Mr Want’s Group – Orienteering, Archery, Sailing

Miss O’Riordan’s Group – Canoeing

Miss Walbanke’s Group – Archery, Orienteering, Sailing



Mrs Bowen’s Group  - Sailing, Raft building

Mr Want’s Group – Canoeing

Miss O’Riordan’s Group – Sailing, Raft building

Miss Walbanke’s Group –Raft building, Off-Road biking



Mrs Bowen’s Group  - Off-Road biking, High ropes

Mr Want’s Group –Raft building, High ropes

Miss O’Riordan’s Group – Off-Road biking, high ropes

Miss Walbanke’s Group – Canoeing



Mrs Bowen’s Group  - Archery, Orienteering

Mr Want’s Group – Off-Road biking

Miss O’Riordan’s Group – Archery, Orienteering

Miss Walbanke’s Group – High ropes