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Day 2

Day 2 has seen us start with an amazing and vast breakfast. Everyone was full and ready to burst once we had devoured baguettes, toast, cereal, fruit and pastries. They might even speak more about the food than the activities upon their return. 


Falcons then spent the day on the water, up high and traveling by bike. Some managed to fit in a spot of archery too.

They have challenged themselves to climb higher than they have expected, work collaboratively to overcome obstacles and support each other in achieving every success. 

It has been great to see wide smiles and the joy of overcoming fears. Year 6 have matured greatly over the year, and today was a great piece of evidence of their individual and group progress.


Overall, Falcons should be incredibly proud of how they have conducted themselves today.  The entire class, and staff, worked hard to push themselves and try new things - from learning to ride a bike (without falling off) to trying rice for the first time. 


In addition, all of Year 6 were able to praise each other throughout the day and have ended it with being asleep by 21:30.


We look forward to our final day and returning to Newport. 



We have enjoyed Day 2 of our amazing residential.