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Diwali and India WOW day

We have had a fabulous trip to India today, learning about a different culture and comparing it to our own.  We found many differences but also lots of similarities between UK and India. 


We learned about the story of 'Rama and Sita' leading to Hindu people celebrating Diwali every year, the festival of light.  We dressed in Indian clothes and each got our own Bindi sticker for our foreheads.  We made Diya lamps out of clay to light the way home for Rama and Sita, and also made Rangoli patterns from coloured rice.  


Whilst we flew on our long trip to India, we learned about the animals we might see in the forest and compared to the animals we would see here.  India has large cities and beaches as we do but they also have very high mountains.  We learned where to find India on the map.  Mrs Lawson thought it was a triangle shape but looking closer, we realised it is actually shaped like a diamond!  We looked at the Taj Mahal and then even tried to build it using the large 3D blocks.  


Take a look at our gallery.  We certainly had lots of fun!