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Forest School

Winter at Forest school: cold but still cool!

We have been loving the seasonal changes taking place over the seasons.  It still amazes me how much you can learn about the forest in our small space.  


This term, we have been making magic forest wands, we have climbed trees and made dens.  We have created see-saws from wood and fed the birds who may fly through.  There has been a wealth of funghi for us to look at and children are spending time in the 'secret tunnel'  exploring using magnifying glasses to take a closer look at the objects and creatures they are finding; worms seem to be prominent at the moment.  


Excitement reached a peak at the suggestion of an invisible dragon having visited our little forest.  The children created potions from all sorts of objects they found, including newly sprouted Spring crocus petals, leaves etc to make the dragon visible.  Some children found a footprint which was quite deep.  Not even my heavy boot made that deep a print; he must be a big dragon.  We found a few strange objects which children thought could be eggs left by the dragon! 


The next session, unable to resist the traps and pebbles the children had left, the dragon miraculously appeared much to the children's delight!  


It's amazing what a small area of land can generate in terms of activities, fun and development.



Dragonfly children are definitely finding their feet at Forest school and are loving the freedom and opportunities it brings every week.  This month we have been making apple spirals to feed the birds (... and ourselves!).  We have made conker watches and enjoyed punching shapes in the Autumn leaves.


It has been fabulous watching children's confidence bloom as they drag large sticks to balance on, go on their own minibeast searches and swing in the hammock.  Rolling down the hill is also a favourite; thank goodness for all in one overalls! 


So far the weather is onside.  The warm, wet Autumn has led to lots of mushrooms around for us to look at ... but not touch! But watch this space; winter is on its way and with it, more change to the forest floor.  Take a look at our latest fun in Forest School!

This month is all about getting Dragonfly children used to the freedom and opportunities offered by Forest School, in a safe yet exciting way.  They are greatly enjoying looking for insects, making dens and we've even had some 'magic potions' being made!  We're hoping we're not too late in the season to find some dragonflies flying around.  We'll keep looking!


We'll add photos as the weeks go on.