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Healthy eating, planting & growth

Our garden has begun to bloom!

As part of National Science week, we decided the time was right to start planting and discovering the joy of growth and new life.  We knew already that plants need sunlight, soil and water to survive, but how do plants and especially tall trees get water to the outer leaves and flowers?  We performed an experiment to find out.  We placed celery in coloured water and saw how after a few days, the tips of the stalks, furthest from the water, began to turn red, showing us that water travels through the plants, sucked in through the roots.  


We talked about 'eating a rainbow' to keep our bodies healthy.  The children talked about lots of fruit they liked but they were clearly not keen on salads or vegetables.  So, we decided to explore some salad items:  celery, radishes and red cabbage.  We used our sense to explore the food before trying: looking, smelling, touching, then a gentle lick before being invited to taste.  Children generally did not like radishes and complained they were 'spicy'.  They were far from impressed by celery.  However, despite initial "urgghh!" looking at the red cabbage, many children tried and actually enjoyed it, asking for more.  


We then talked about planting flowers and vegetables in our flower bed and how flowers would look bright and colourful in the Summer and how we will be able to eat vegetables we have grown ourselves, IF we look after them correctly.


We planted Thai basil in wellie boots, magnolias and poppies into cut plastic bottles which the children filled with soil.  Now, we have to do our job in watering them just enough to ensure they grow.  


We will add to the gallery below as the months go by.