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Jack & the Beanstalk

Dragonfly's version of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'

Anyone can be a storyteller!  The beauty of stories is that we get to use our imaginations and decide what is possible.  Having looked at the traditional tale of ‘Jack & the beanstalk’, we then thought about how we could change the story to make our own version.  We created a story circle where I started off the story:  ‘Once upon a time there was …’.  It was then up to the children to create our own new version of the tale.  Every child took part, taking their turn around the circle, using their own ideas as to how to continue the story.   Here is the fabulous, final version: 


Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Josh.  He lived in a forest in a hut and his mum wanted him to sell a cow.  Mummy got cross because Josh got magic beans (for the cow).  The bean stalk went up and up and up.  He climbed it.  He saw the castle.  He went under the door.  He saw a swimming pool.  He went in under the water and saw a giant jelly fish.  He got soooo wet! 

He saw a dinosaur and he screamed!  The dinosaur splashed into the water.  The giant suddenly came and the giant was scared.  He ran away and fell over.  The dinosaur ate Josh.  The giant got a sword and cuts the dinosaur’s tummy.  Josh runs out and ran away. 

The mummy giant was angry because the giant ran out of the house (… without asking her.)  Giant and Josh had a sleepover and they have a tea party but the giant ate Josh.  The giant didn’t like the taste of Josh and he squirted Josh out his tummy!  Josh ran down the beanstalk and chopped it down.  It fell into an empty field.  And Josh lived happily ever after.