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Maths Stay and Play

On Tuesday 4th February, Dragonfly welcomed in mums, dads, grannies and grandads to come and learn maths through a play based curriculum.

Our aim was to demonstrate how maths is in every part of our daily routines and every element of play.  Children engaged in a maths rich environment, with cues as to how maths can be brought in and extended through each activity. 

Some activities has an obvious focus, for example write a price tag for a piece of fruit and use the coins to pay the correct amount, or which object is longer / shortest etc.  Other activities involved small world toys such as a farmyard where children naturally count and order animals.  We can extend by asking questions such as how many?  What if 1 horse ran away, 2 more came along?  Even a game of football needs someone to keep score and compare quantity.

We had a fabulous morning and more importantly, so did the children.  We would like to thank all parents and grandparents for taking time out to join us.

Take a look at our gallery and please also find a copy of the Maths leaflet which we gave out, giving ideas as to how you can bring out the maths in your day.