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Parent Workshop Egyptians

Once again, Otter class were joined by a group of willing parents, who threw themselves wholeheartedly into the workshop this afternoon. The class gave a quick presentation about what they had learnt about the Egyptians all term so far before Miss Chandler introduced the theme of the workshop.

We talked about a 'Shaduf' which was an Egyptian invention of transporting water from the Nile to the crops on the banks and beyond; then Miss Chandler showed them the task of making a Shaduf from wood or natural materials. At this point, many parents were filled with dread as they were presented with hacksaws but soon, plans were being sketched and discussed and enthusiastic teams were assembled ready for the challenge!

The finished designs were wonderful - so unique and all took great planning, teamwork and thought!

Well done Otters and the parents - a wonderful afternoon's work.