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Pre closure work

19/3 - English - Your Perfect Day - Persuasive writing

Think of what your perfect day would look like! Would it be to play for Real Madrid for a day? Might it be to help at a stables and ride horses all day? Perhaps a free pass to Alton Towers for a day? Who would you need to convince and persuade for this could be possible? You may need to write a letter to the manager of Real Madrid to convince him that this would be a great idea. You may need to write to the owner of Alton Towers and persuade them to accept your request! Now is the time to practise your letter! In your letter think about:


* Opening sentence to hook the reader

* Reasons to support your viewpoint

* Facts and evidence to support reasons

* Flattery

* Language (obviously, without doubt)

* Rhetorical questions

* Positive reasons

* Conclusion


19/3 - Maths - Visit the interactive maths game 'Top Marks - Hit the button' and answer the quick fire times tables questions. Can you beat your last score? What is your personal best?


18/3 - English - Write a review of a book you have recently read. Use descriptive language to describe the story. 

Remember to include: author, title, brief description of the story, the characters, highlights and parts you felt could be improved. Would you recommend it to a friend? Why?


18/3 - Spelling - Practise spellings from the year 5/6 statutory spelling list and put them into sentences. 


18/3 - Practical Maths - Follow a recipe and look at the proportions of the ingredients compared to each other. Devise a ratio for the relationship between different ingredients.