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Traditional Tales

This half term, we have been telling traditional tales and exploring some familiar stories, talking about the characters and the sequence to the stories.  

Our focus began with Goldilocks.  We talked about the choices she made and even learned a rhyme using makaton signs with the words.  We played with oats, mixed in water to make porridge noticing what it felt like and smelled like before and after we added water.  

The Little Red Hen was a good Harvest story.  We talked about her feelings and whether she was right to not let her friends eat the bread at the end.  We looked at what wheat looks like as it's picked and then felt how soft flour is.  We talked about our favourite cakes in maths and learned how to collect information and record it.  We also learned a poem about the story which we recited during a zoom assembly.  Look out for it on the school website under 'Harvest Assembly'.

Our final story was Little Red Riding Hood.  After listening to the real story, we twisted it so Little Red Riding Hood met the wolf but the woodcutter came and the wolf ran off with Little Red Riding Hood's basket.  We decided to track the wolf!  We went on a listening walk to the school field to practice the skills of listening and looking for clues.  We talked about what we might expect to find when we tracked the wolf. The children went off to look for some clues.  Whilst we were out of the classroom, The Big Bad Wolf came in and left us a picture of himself on a mountain far away.  He also wrote us a message, "Catch me if you can!"

We've had great fun, playing and reenacting the stories through small world and puppets.  Take a look at our gallery.