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Visit to China to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Rat

China and the strange appearance of a dragon flying around our class, has taken over our learning this week.  We embarked on our journey which took us half way around the world.  After looking at our globe, we decided that an airplane was the best way to travel.  One child did mention that people are getting sick in China, (great knowledge of current affairs!). Fortunately we have returned from our adventure safe, well and with a wealth of new information, including how to say hello in mandarin which has become the 8th language we have used to answer the register so far. 


We looked at some photos and video footage of China.  We noticed somethings were very different but actually there were lots of similarities too; for example there are guards outside the Royal Palace in Beijing and the Queen has guards outside Buckingham Palace too.  However it is unlikely we would see a panda in our forests. One of the children told us we don’t have bamboo here; good point!  We also talked about the Chinese view on exercise to keep healthy, then created our own exercises and jogged a golden mile.


We learned about the Zodiac story which created the Chinese New Year, and found out why cats to this day, hate rats! The children took part in lots of different activities; it's amazing what you can make with a paper plate!  We had fans, Chinese hats and even dragons which children created using their own ideas!  Every child received a gold coin to bring them luck into the New year.


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