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Week 1

To begin each session, click on the set 1 speed sound link to practice your sounds.

Then below, you will find 5 games to play over the course of this week. 


Task 1:

Silly Soup – could be played in sand, water, shredded newspaper, or you own  ‘magic cauldron’

Place magnetic letters or folded paper with sounds: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z in the ‘soup’.  Ask chn to stir the soup, chanting: Silly soup, silly soup which sound can be found?  Chn to identify sound.  Variation:  put in objects, e.g. animals.  Chn to identify 1st sound.

Extend:  Can they think of some words which begin with that sound. 


Task 2:

Simon Says - Chn to stand up. Play Simon says but use ‘Fred Talk’, e.g. Simon says touch your b-a-ck, /h-ea-d, / l-e-g, /l-i-p, etc.  Remember that if you don't say "Simon Says", don't move!  


Task 3:

Kim's game - Find some objects at home which have 3 sounds in the word:  cup, pen, pot, dog, cat, , van, bus (toys)  

Place your objects together.  Now Fred talk each object, e.g. c-u-p.  Ask your child to tell you which object you are saying.  Can your child Fred talk each object.  Now extend, can he/she write the word.

Use your sound mat to form your letters correctly.


Task 4: 

I-spy - Ask your child to select their favourite book.  Now use the pictures to play a game of I-spy.  Can you find simple words in the book which have 2 or 3 simple sounds, which they can attempt to read.  


Task 5:

Building sounds – Select a letter sound. Now can you 'build' a letter using lego or wooden blocks.  Say formation rhyme to check. Now play speed write.  Get a piece of paper and say a sound.  Use your sound mat to help use the correct letter formation rhyme



Some fun activities to support blending sounds in words. Can you read the words, then find the words which match. Colour matching words in the same colour.