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Class trip to the Tower of London

Year 1 enjoyed their trip to the Tower of London and it really helped to bring the story of the Great fire alive.

They crossed the drawbridge into the Tower and were immediately struck by the enormity of the gates and chains and the moat. We saw where Guy Fawkes would have been taken in to the prison at Traitors gate and then their first encounter was with the Ravens, who were all in their cages...except Jubilee, who apparently had made a great escape and was in the grounds for the day enjoying himself! The children thought the Ravens were huge and their beaks looked like they could give a nasty peck. The children were soon ready for lunch and then had a session with Emily, a silk merchant from 1666. She seemed confused by the class's appearance and clothing and was stunned that we had travelled by coach - a mode of transport she hadn't ever heard of. She introduced the children to many facts and we learnt more about Samuel Pepys and how he was able to spread the events of the Great fire via his diaries and showed the children why this was more successful than to 'tell' his tales. We saw the White Tower and Emily led a drama session and we learnt about the safe places that Londoners escaped to during 1666. In the afternoon, we explored the tower further; we took a trip around the high walls and enjoyed seeing the River Thames and Tower Bridge; we spoke to a Yeoman Guard and had our photograph taken and we went and saw the crown jewels...and loved standing on the travellator to see the different crowns, orbs and septers. 

The class were absolutely amazing and on two separate occasions, members of the public commented to us about how well behaved we were and how well we listened and kept safe. Hedgehogs, you were amazing!