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Achieving Excellence Together


Welcome to Newport Primary school, where we believe that every child should have the opportunity for excellence: in their teaching and learning, their happiness and wellbeing, their achievements and in all areas of school life. Children are at the centre of every decision we make as a school and we strive to create a nurturing, dynamic and inspirational education, which will set children up for a lifetime of learning. We believe that care and respect for each other, the school and the wider community are paramount to creating our school environment.


It is our aim to prepare children for each new stage of education and to help them become positive, independent learners who have a thirst for discovering more. This is done through ensuring children feel safe and ready to learn alongside high quality teaching with lots of hands on learning and interactivity.


Our achievements as a school are celebrated as are those of our children, no matter how large or small. We have a beautiful site, nestled at the top end of the village. We warmly welcome you to come and have a tour of the school and get to know us, as we firmly believe that children learn best when home and school work in partnership together. Together, we can achieve excellence.


Newport Primary School Team