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Revolting Romans

Revolting Romans


Our History topic for the Spring term has been The Romans. We have loved learning about how the Romans lived, fought, ate and dressed.

We had Roman WOW Day where we dressed up as Romans and we also went on a class trip to the Verulamium.

Also, for homework, we all made our own Roman shields - some are life-size!

Class Trip to The Verulamium Museum, St Albans


On Tuesday 19th March, Otter class went on a school trip to St Albans to visit the Verulamium Museum of Roman Britain.

We had a tour around the gallery where the children had the opportunity to view and read about many different artefacts that had been recovered from time of Roman Britain. The most impressive were the mosaics that had been recovered and preserved, although some of the children disagree and were most astonished by the skeletons!

We also spent some time dressing as Romans, in tunics and togas, and 'shopping' at a Roman market. We explored the different stall that you would have found during Roman times. There was a metal stall; a pottery stall; a food stall; and a clothes, shoes and fabric stall.

We all had a fun day, learning even more about the Romans!