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We have been learning many skills using IPads; these include:

  • typing words on a keyboard
  • typing words quickly and correctly on a digital device
  • using the space bar to make finger spaces in sentences
  • using a return button to make a new line
  • using the delete button to edit our work
  • selecting capital letters on a keyboard
  • using AR technology
  • recording our voices, by dictation, on an IPad
  • controlling and programming Bee Bots
  • taking photos using a camera app and zooming in and out
  • editing photos

We have been learning programming skills using Bee-Bots; we can sequence a series of moves on Bee-Bots and Bee - Bots on IPads.

We have been learning how to use AR ( Augmented Reality) on the IPad. We can make dragons appear in our classroom.