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Pre closure week

17th March

  • We have been talking about halving.  Why not try the tangerine challenge.  Can you halve two tangerines for you and a family member.  Share out the segments.  How many do you have each?  Now repeat with the second tangerine.  Does each tangerine have the same number of segments.  Try with a third to compare. Do all tangerines have the same number of segments? 
  • Draw some flowers for Mother's Day, colour them and cut them out.  If you have any flowers at home, you could make an observational drawing / painting. See the link below if you have a printer.

18th March

  • During snack time, share out a pack of raisins between you, a parent and a sibling.  How many do you have each?
  • Make a card for Mother's Day (SURPRISE!)  Can you draw a heart and use your phonic knowledge to write a nice message for your mum?

20th March

Can you estimate, count and then write the numbers.

Gather your favourite toys into a pile.  Can you estimate how many you have?  Now, how will you check?

Can you halve them between you and your favourite teddy?  How many do you have now?


Have fun!