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Programming and Coding with Scratch


We have most recently, been using the laptops and Scratch to learn about programming and coding. We have learnt about the importance of coding in detail and programming blocks in the correct order to achieve the desired outcome.

We have been able to develop many programming skills over the past few weeks: adding numerous sprites; adding sounds using a range of command event blocks; exploring a range of different movements for each different name a few.

Programming and Coding with Scratch

Stop-frame Animations


At the start of the Spring term, we learnt about stop-frame animation and how we can create our own animations in class, using the iPads.

We started by creating flip-book animations to understand the idea of moving pictures created by still images.

We then, used whiteboards, backgrounds, characters and the iPads to plan and create a mini-scene using stop-frame animation.

Planning our stop-frame animations