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Year 6 residential to Kingswood

Day 4


The final full day.


Summer sun shone brightly over the Norfolk waves,

Children, from a far away school, ventured to the beach.

Sandcastles were constructed,

Creatures were found.

Falcons showed the wings they had grown,

And the team they had become.

Ice lollies tasted sweet.


The fire within bellies was burst onto the woodland floor,

sparking imagination and a connection to times gone by.

The ancient skill was practised,

Embers transformed.

Falcons showed they could survive. 

Their determination to succeed beamed from them,

Just like the pride they felt.


Low ropes was a high point. 

Trust in their fellow Falcon was shown,

Communication, respect and patience thrived. 


As the sun started to fall from the sky,

Mini Olympics brought smiles to faces.

It was a joy to see 26 Falcons fly,

And soar with happiness. 


Kingswood 2022 was not just a residential.

It was a moment in time,

That will be cherished forever. 








Day 4.

 Falcon Class data log. 


Day 3. Kingswood.


26 children and 4 adults still alive. 


Test subjects rose between 06:00 and 06:30. 


Breakfast eaten. Scrambled eggs popular. Hash browns remained a group favourite.


Orienteering successful. Points found. Maps used.


Climbing and team tech completed - Penny, Tamwa, Ron and Flick all demonstrated.


Lunch enjoyed by all. Cold chicken a favourite. Cheese and onion pasty tried by many.


Jacob's ladder, climbing and zipline completed. Bravery demonstrated in spades. Subjects supported each other. Several flew through the air like superheroes. Many suspected to have been bitten by radioactive spider - climbing skills unnaturally good.


Pizza and/or chicken nuggets consumed for evening meal. Subjects appeared very happy with flapjack desert option. Younger subjects very helpful clearing away plates - motives unknown.


Prior to movie night, children and adults took part in water battle. Majority wet, all smiled. 


Room inspections completed without notice. Room standards dropped generally. Scores between 6 and 9. Beds immaculate and presentation outstanding for best room. One room potential biohazard to nostrils. 


Movie night currently in progress as of 20:43. All calm. Day 3 a success. 







Day 3

Day 2 at Kingswood


It was a warm summers day, June 21st to be exact, when Falcons rose from their beds to greet the second day of their residential adventure. As the sun rose above the hills of Norfolk, Year 6 children stirred in their beds and begun plotting. They had grand ideas of tidy rooms, luxurious banquets and overcoming imaginable challenges. While many had rested peacefully, some had endured a night of snoring and smells that they had not anticipated. 


26 children bundled into the canteen. They broke their fast with sausages, bacon, vegan sausages, mushrooms, beans, toast, cereal, yogurt and fruit. Bellies were swiftly filled. The children were fuelled for the day.


Armed with bow and arrow, Falcons practised the art of archery. Our own Robin Hood, Will Scarlet and Maid Marion showed off their skills. Even the adults showed their skill. 


Next came nightline. A quest where the adventurers would be plunged into darkness (by the way of fabric blindfolds) and challenged to make their way around the maze and out again. All of year 6 worked well to defeat the nightline challenge, with several providing vital support to the groups success.


Lunch was a feast of jacket potato, pasta, flat bread or rolls, filled to the brim with various delights. Again, Falcons demonstrated their honour at the table and use of knife and fork. 


Problem solving was followed by environmental art in the sweet summer sun. Respect, responsibility and working together was evident in each interaction. 


Fried chicken, burgers, vegan burgers, chips, salad and fruit were piled high on the plates of Falcons as they refuelled after a long day. All celebrated the 11th year of one Falcon. Delicious cakes enhanced the feeling of good will to all.


Three wicked room inspectors, insistent on the highest of standards, awarded scores from 7 to 8.5. They were impressed by the improvement shown.


To conclude the day, a fire was burnt, and songs and stories were told like ancestors of old. 


While the sun was setting in the West, silence fell upon room after room. By the 26th minute of the 21st hour, all appeared calm in blissful sleep.  




Day 2.

Birthday celebrations. Thank you Miss Crane.

What a first day! After travelling to Kingswood West Runton, Falcon class were excited to get into their rooms. Bed making was the first challenge, and many showed their Persevering Penny and Teamwork Tamwa skills. While some beds were tidier than others, it was great to see every Falcon giving it a good go. 


We then went to our first activity. Group 29 began with zipwire. Mrs Purcell and Mr Want were impressed by the enthusiasm that the children threw themselves off the platform. They all supported and encouraged each other. 

Group 30 started with team tech. First they had to produce the highest tower (our instructor emphasised highest not tallest) and then had to produce a vehicle and pitch it Dragons Den style. It was great to see Falcons be creative and work together. 


For dinner we enjoyed fish, sausages, veggie sausages, rice and a great spread of salad - not all at once. It was great to see the children being so polite and showing brilliant table manners. Fruit and ice-cream were devoured for pudding. All were well fed and ready for their first room inspection.


It was clear some had thought about their rooms more than others. Scores from 5 to 7.5 were given by the judges. Attention to detail was given as a next step to many, while some rooms needed some guidance on what 'tidy' looks like. Every room has vowed to up their game tomorrow - we will see.


Our evening activity was a night walk to the local beach. Falcons were fascinated by the crabs they found, interesting rocks and making artwork in the sand. We will be venturing back to the beach later in the week to complete different activities. 


With teeth brushed, PJs on and evening medication administered, Falcons settled down to the bed. Lights were out at 21:30 and all rooms were quiet by 22:00. Thankfully only one room needed three friendly reminders to go to sleep. 


We look forward to tomorrows activities. 

Day One 2022

Group 29 Zipwire