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WOW day Great Fire of London

We had a fabulous day on our WOW day and recreated the events of the Great Fire of London; the class travelled back in time to 360 years ago and were transported to the streets of London. They all took part in an amazing role play/ drama activity and recreated the main events of the great fire and all whilst learning the key facts. Thomas Farriner escaped his home, King Charles II had a plan, Samuel Pepys wrote his diary and the community extinguished the fire using water from the Thames! Children escaped on boats, some used dynamite to blow up houses and others rescued their neighbours…it felt like we were truly re-living the events.

Back in class, the children made Tudor houses and flames from acetate paper and they made salt dough bread for our class bakery; they also enjoyed feeling like bakers and made rock cakes in the cookery room.

What a busy day we had...and so many facts to remember!