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Navigate Newport

Here at Newport, we want to ensure that the children who come here not only receive the best education but also learn life skills on their journey here. With this in mind, we have created a 'Navigate Newport' booklet which we believe contains 18 challenges that we want the children to have achieved before they leave the school, to help them on their lifelong journey.


Each child from Y3 to Y6 will begin the challenge and it is hoped that they will achieve 16 out of the 18 challenges on their journey throughout KS2. As the children feel they have achieved a particular challenge, they will fill in the relevant section and then take their booklet to the Headteacher, who will then reward them with a Newport Compass sticker. 


When achieved at least 16 stickers, they will earn a special gift from the Headteacher, at a special presentation. 

Please find below a copy of the document that the children have been given; these booklets are staying in school with the children but do talk to your children about these. There will be opportunities to come and look at them throughout the school year.