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Pre closure learning

18/03 - Maths - See how many household items come in pairs and make a note of them. Count in 2s to work out how many pairs of socks you own. Can you help fold the washing and see what comes in pairs? You could make your own missing number track to practise counting in 2's from any given number. Your parents could make you one first to complete and then you could make them one.


18/03 - English - Research and find 5 facts about an inventor and their invention. You can write facts in super sentences using full stops, capital letters and making sure: g, y, p, f, j, q sit on the line and hang below. Use the literacy shed website link below.

Phonics - sound of the day - split diagraph a-e. Write words with the sound and use Fred fingers to sound out. Write these words in a sentence. Use the link on phonics play below.


17/03 - History: We have been learning about Superheroes from the past. It is important for children to learn about significant people from the local area. The children need to find facts about Jamie Oliver, such as:

What are his achievements? Why is he so well known? Where did he grow up?

Once they have researched, try creating a healthy meal; this can be in picture form or actually making some meals and sending in pictures.


17/03 - Geography: children to explore the ways that we can save our planet.

Find different uses for throw away items in the home eg turn an empty jar into a toothbrush holder. Find 3 things and a new use for each item. There are some great clips on youtube to explain 'saving our world' to children - take a look!