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Pre Closure learning



During our session today, we thought of some questions for the water buffalo! 

We asked: 

  • How did you get to the vacant lot?
  • How long have you been there?
  • What made you go there?

We then answered these questions thinking carefully about how the water buffalo would reply. See an example below to help you. 






For our Maths session today, the Year 4 children found fractions over 1 and Year 5 children changed improper fractions to mixed numbers. 

Improper fraction: when the numerator (top number) is larger than  the denominator (bottom number). See example below.

Mixed number: when there is a whole number and a fraction together. See example below. 





Today we made some cards to send to elderly people who may not be able to leave their houses. It would be fantastic if you could create your own card for someone close to your house. Remember if you are delivering these letters to post it through their letterbox only.  

In the card we wrote:

We are the children from Newport School and we thought we would share some happiness with you.

We then wrote something that we do when we are feeling sad.

Finally, we found some jokes to make them laugh!


We made the cards using yellow and white paint and using our thumb print, however, I'm sure that any cards that are made will be received with a huge smile!




English-Think carefully about our story 'Tales From Outer Suburbia' by Shaun Tan. Use the picture of water buffalo and write what the character is thinking using relative clauses for Year 5 and prepositional phrases for Year 4.


Relative clauses - The boy, who was wearing a scarf, came into the room. Relative clauses add extra information to a sentence and do not make sense on their own.  Check out this link for more information:


Prepositional phrases- The girl's coat was under the chair. Prepositional phrases tell you where an object is.


An example of the task is:

Those humans are always asking me for advice. I was sitting and enjoying the lush green grass, which was very delicious, until a blonde haired girl stood in front of me and asked the most ridiculous question. "Where are the shops?"


Maths- Both year groups are currently looking at equivalent fractions. Please see the worksheets below as well as a fraction wall to aid learning.