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Pre Closure learning

18/03 - English - today we made cards for the local older residents who may be isolated for a while; we wrote them cheery messages, designed images and thought about funny jokes to make them smile. We will post them later on in the week- have a look at some of them below.

Why not make a card for someone...or write a letter or an email?


17/03 - English - today we wrote creative instructions for how to wash a .... this could be a pink elephant, a sabre tooth tiger, a polar bear - the list goes on! Have a go at writing your own and use:

  • chronological order - use adverbial time phrases: first, then, next, after that
  • noun phrases - scrub with a long handled broom, run a warm bath
  • conjunctions: if, when, but, because, so, while, because - Use a cake to tempt him into the bath while the bath fills with water 
  • use bossy verbs: put, take, pour, rub, squeeze
  • add detail: Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your hand but not too much!
  • use prepositions: behind, above, next to, on top of, below


17/03 - Maths - Today we learnt about tally charts; we look at marking off 5 and counting in 5's for the total. Make your own survey at home eg favourite colours - select 4 and then ask 10 different people to choose. Mark them off using a tally. Have a look at the links below for help.

Kindness cards