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Pre closure learning

19/3 - Maths - Please visit the interactive maths game 'Top Marks - Hit the button' online, that we practised in class.


Answer the quick fire times tables questions; see if you can beat our current score.


19/3 - English - Describe your dream house and remember to use descriptive language, paragraphs and powerful adjectives. Think about the details that will be be needed for your reader to picture this house in their mind. Please check your work for punctuation and edit if necessary.


19/3 - Art - Draw a plan or picture of your house. Use your description carefully! 


18/3 - Spelling - Year 4: Look carefully at the following words using prefixes 'anti_' and 'inter_' . The prefix 'anti_' means 'against' or 'opposing' and the prefix 'inter_' means 'between'.

international       intercept        interrupt       intervene

antibiotic            antidote         antihistamine


Use a dictionary to look up the words and find out meanings. Put each word into a sentence. Tell someone in your family the meaning of the word!



18/3 - Spelling - Year 3: Look carefully at these core words below:

care         thank         slow

joy           mercy        quick

job          thought      sudden

fear         pain           sad


Now create as many words as you can with the suffixes '_ness',  '_less',  '_ful',  '_ly'

Which words require changes to the spelling of the core word? For example, 'mercy'.


18/3 - Maths - Ordering fractions

Divide strips of paper as before, into halves, thirds, fifths and sixths. Colour in one part of each strip. Order the strips in order of size, from the smallest to the largest fraction. It should look like an upside down fraction wall!

Draw a number line 0 to 1. Place these fractions on your number line: 2/4,  3/4,   1/4

Order these fractions in descending order ( from largest to smallest) : 3/8,  5/8,  1/8,  8/8,  7/8


17/03 - English - Write a recount for the class trip to Verulamium on Friday; use conjunctions (but, when, if, so, and, because) to structure your sentences, use paragraphs to organise your work, use time adverbs (first, then, next, after that), past tense, chronological order that events happened and good vocabulary. Remember to add about something funny that happened!


17/03 - Maths - Watch the following videos to explore fractions. Using strips of paper, fold into halves, quarters, sixths, eighths and label. Compare the fraction sizes. Which is the larger fraction? 1/4 or 3/4? 2/6  or 4/6?