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ITV news comes to Newport

Newport welcomed an exciting opportunity today when ITV news came to report on the D-Day celebrations in school; as a result, we were featured on the Anglia local news at 6pm! The children...and staff, were very excited!

The day began with Mrs Pine's assembly all about D-Day and a local hero - Percy Turner; she told the children all about his life in Newport and how he was the cox on one of the first D-day landing crafts - amazing history!

Some of the staff embraced the opportunity to dress up and in classes, children continued their learning of the D-day events through: drama on the field (recreating the landings), diary entries as a soldier, discussions, emotive letter writing. Y3 and 4 also created a huge sombre collage of the vision of the Normandy beach, with the children making silhouette figures of soldiers, ships and aircraft.

ITV interviewed Mrs Pine, Miss Walbanke and many children from Y3,4 & 5 and filmed their learning in classes; everyone was so thrilled when they saw the finished ITV broadcast...putting Newport on the map and creating a buzz of 'celebrity status' among children in the school!

Take a look at the photos below.